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Student Spotlight: Mr. Saaketh AKA "Socket the Rocket"

Our new Student Spotlight is on Mr. Saaketh known by everyone around the dojo as “Socket the Rocket”. He is a 1st Degree Black and has been training at RSKA for just over 7 years. He is an Assistant Instructor and loves helping others sharpen their techniques. His favorite aspect of training is fighting. Most recently, on March 25th, he won 1st in Open Hand Forms, 1st in Weapons, and 2nd in fighting at the Southern End Martial Arts Tournament in Lancaster. He then went on to win Grand Champion in Open Hand Forms beating out the winning Black Belts from other age divisions.Outside of Karate he is a dedicated Boy Scout for over 4 years and is currently a “Star Scout”. He also volunteers his time and effort with Downingtown Balvihar which does charity work. Their most recent endeavor was to raise funds to aid survivors of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.His long term goal is to become an Aerospace Engineer. Congrats Mr. Rocket Man!!!


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