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"Good Teachers Teach You, Great Teachers Change You!"

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Ninjas (Ages 5 and 6)

Designed specifically for 5-6 year olds, this program promotes physical fitness, instills respect, enhances focus, nurtures listening skills, and fosters self-discipline, all tailored to the unique needs of our young warriors. Our Ninjas Karate Program centers around cultivating superb technique in Karate forms, refining striking and kicking abilities, and mastering defense routines. In addition, we prioritize enhancing each student's fitness level, ensuring they develop strength, agility, and coordination while having a blast!

Youth Training Program (Ages 7 to 12)

Fitness, good respect, focus, listening skills, and self-discipline are all staples of this program. We focus on developing excellent technique in Karate forms, striking/kicking skills, and defense routines as well as building up each students’ fitness level.

Kid Students in Sparing Gear Striking a Pose in the Dojo

Teens and Adults (Ages 13 +)

We have teens and adults at the Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and a handful of long time (10 years +) Black Belt adults who continue their respective journey in the martial arts with us.  Cornerstones of our Teen and Adult program include fitness, forms routines, weapons routines, defense routines, and tons of hand/foot combinations.  This program promotes respect, discipline, focus, and defensive skills challenging to both teens and adults alike of all ages (13+) and skill levels.  Basic weapons skills are introduced within the first month of training.  We use many boxing drills in combination with our Karate combos to develop fast and strong hand skill sets.  Many power, speed and kick combinations are taught. 

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