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Kids Program (Ages 7 to 12)

What can I expect my child to learn?

Besides karate itself, fitness, good respect, focus, listening skills, and self-discipline are all staples of this program.  Over time parents can witness their child’s confidence grow exponentially.  It is not uncommon to also see the students academic skills improve as their rank improves in Karate.  We offer a variety of classes for youth who all begin in the Beginner’s classes which are 40 minutes in duration. 

Stages of Progression

Here are the stages of progression your child will go through in our program


White, Yellow, and Orange Belts

Developing strong basics to build upon is the aim of the Beginner’s program which include basic stances, basic blocks, basic kicks, basic combinations and forms routines.  Basic sparring will begin at the rank of Yellow Belt depending on the child’s age.  Students will also learn some Korean and Japanese terminology as well as some history of differing styles of Karate and about some of the former founders and Grand Masters of differing historic styles.  Depending on the students age they are invited up into the Intermediate classes after achieving either their Orange or Blue Belt ranks.  


Blue, Green, and Purple Belts

Intermediate classes are 50 minutes in duration and take a step up in complexity.  They are also more physically challenging.  Longer kicking and hand combination routines are taught in this program.  Additionally, both swords and nunchucks are introduced as staples of the Intermediate class experience.  Forms and defense routines are also more complex as the Beginners program has helped develop the foundation for them.  Kids are invited into the Advanced classes at the rank of either Purple or Brown Belt dependent upon their age and skill set.


Brown, Red, and Advanced Red Belts

Staff training, or bo staffs, are a big part of the Advanced class experience and are many of our long term student’s favorite weapon.  Advanced open hand forms, staff forms, and sword form routines from Tang Soo Do and Go Ju Ryu are taught here.  Some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu positions and locks are also introduced in our Advanced Defense curriculum.  In combination with our traditional karate combinations, boxing hand combinations and advanced weapons the student will now continue to develop their versatile and well-rounded skill set.   

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