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Teen/Adult Program (13+)

Our teen/adult program is for students ages 13+.  Cornerstones of our Teen and Adult program include fitness, forms routines, weapons routines, defense routines, and tons of hand/foot combinations.  In this class we utilize a variety of training equipment including pull up bars, box jumps, and battle ropes to help develop over all strength and fitness levels.  We have a variety of students with differing backgrounds and fitness levels train with us.  The program is based on each individual's differning capabilities and is designed to start you from exactly where you are fitness/skills wise and grow from there.  Everyone is very supportive in our dojo.  We have teens and adults in our Beginner level belts, Intermediate level belts, and a handful of long time (10 years +) Advanced and Black Belt adults who continue their respective journey in the martial arts with us.  All of our higher ranked adults help newer students progress through our unique curriculum.  This program promotes respect, discipline, focus, and defensive skills challenging to both teens and adults alike of all ages and skill levels.  Weapons including nun chucks, swords, and staffs are introduced within the first few months of training with us as a compliment to all of the other skills you can expect to learn here.  In a short amount of time training you can expect improved balance, coordination, hand/eye coordination, fitness levels and a boost in self confindence.  We use boxing drills in combination with our Karate combos to develop fast and strong hand skill sets.  Kicking is learned via combinations, small target kicking and working on heavy bags as well.  You will become stronger and more balanced in a short period of time.  Very controlled and supervised sparring becomes optional after your first month of training with us.  Come on in and try out a free class with us.  The challenging journey to Black Belt begins with one simple step, your very first class, you have our guarantee you won't regret it!  

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