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Little Ninjas (Ages 5-6)

What can I expect my child to learn?

At Rising Sun Karate, we believe that Karate isn't just about learning punches and kicks—it's about molding young minds, promoting healthy bodies, and fostering lifelong values. Our unique Ninja's program is specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of active 5-6 year olds, offering an engaging environment where they can channel their energy into developing essential skills.  Our Little Ninjas program is highly energetic and is designed to provide a very basic foundation for the student allowing them future growth and development in the martial arts.  Basic kicks, stances, blocks and strikes are utilized in a fun and motivating manner with a big emphasis on positive reinforcement.  What sets this program apart is its tailored approach to meet the physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of younger children.  In our dynamic, 40-minute classes, we utilize playful and interactive methods to impart the principles of karate. Your child doesn't merely learn the martial art—they embark on an adventure as a 'Ninja,' instilling a sense of excitement and passion about the learning process.  Our structured curriculum aims to improve their motor skills, enhance their ability to follow instructions, and boost their social interaction abilities.  

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