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Student Spotlight: Ms. Samriddhi "Samurai"

A young student (Ms. Samriddhi) in karate gear posing in front of a ornate background

Our new Student Spotlight is on Ms. Samriddhi known by everyone around the dojo as Ms. Samurai (Nov., 2023). She is currently an Orange Belt and has been training with us for 8 months now. After being bumped up into our Intermediate classes she very recently was awarded stripes on her belt for being the most improved fighter at RSKA. Fighting is definitely her favorite aspect of training as well as learning new forms routines. Outside of Karate she enjoys competing in fantasy football and playing soccer. Her goal is to train until she earns her Black Belt and beyond. She hopes to someday become a space scientist. Congrats Ms. Samurai keep up the great work!!!


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