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Student Spotlight: Ms. Colleen

A photo of a woman (Ms. Colleen) taking a pose behind her many trophies

Our new Student Spotlight is on Ms. Colleen (Dec.,2019). She has been training at Rising Sun Karate for a little over 2 years and is currently a Purple Belt. So far she has participated in 2 Karate Tournaments and as evidenced in the picture faired quite well. Her two children are students here at RSKA. Her daughter is a Green Belt and her son is a Brown Belt both attending our Home School program in the afternoons. She is also an Assistant Instructor here and her favorite aspects of training include sparring and weapons training (she has one mean reverse punch😊).

She and her husband are the owners of Brandywine Outfitters located South of Coatesville, This is also the location we hosted our epic 11 year anniversary party last year! Outside of training in Karate she enjoys many outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking, archery and knife throwing. Volunteering as a troop leader for the American Heritage girls is another one of her favorite things to do. Congrats Ms. Colleen!!!


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