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Student Spotlight: Mr. Khushant AKA "Khushantio"

Our new Student Spotlight is on Mr. Khushant known by all around the dojo as “Khushantio”. He is 6 yrs. old, has been training at RSKA for 6 months, and just earned his Orange Belt. Training in open hand forms and fitness are his favorite aspects of Karate thus far. He is also a big fan of sparring. You can always find him in the dojo and a little late after class doing extra fitness on his own. In addition he loves to help us with brand new students in learning their basic stances and first couple of combinations. Outside of Karate he loves being outside playing and doing outdoor activities such as camping with his family. He’ll be attending the Lionville Elementary school in the fall. His goals include earning his Black Belt someday and pursuing a career as a Police Officer. Congrats Mr. Khushantio keep up the great work in the dojo!!!


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