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Student Spotlight: Mr Mark AKA "Shark Man"

Our new Student Spotlight is on Mr. Mark known by everyone around the dojo as “Shark Man”. He is an Advanced Red Belt and has been training at RSKA for over 4 years. He’s excited about the prospect of becoming our youngest Jr. Black Belt ever in the next year or so. He loves training in all weapons and working on his self-defense routines. As evidenced in the picture he has had a successful tournament career thus far. Besides Karate he plays basketball and football. His football team has been undefeated for two years straight! His other favorite activity is fitness. He’s often found in the dojo doing extra pushups, pullups, squats and burpees. His current personal record for holding the plank is 8 minutes! At this time his ultimate life goal is to become a professional athlete someday. Congrats Mr. Shark Man!!!


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