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Rising Sun
Karate Academy

"Changing Lives One Class at a Time"

Marchwood Shopping Center, Exton PA

Master Unger with his belts

Established in 2007!
Celebrating our 16th year of excellence in the Exton community!

The Rising Sun Karate Academy offers energetic Karate classes for children ages 5+, teens and adults alike.  Boost you and or your child's confidence, get in shape, improve focus, and increase your self confidence with us. Join our positive, disciplined, and family-friendly environment for physically challenging and exciting classes.  Develop perseverence and a strong work ethic through our high standards which bring out the best in each student.  Experience the benefits of martial arts training firsthand at your own pace.  Our experienced instructors are dedicated to providing personalized guidance and support to help you achieve your martial arts goals.


Pillars of our Programs


From day one students learn about good respect through bowing and saying “Yes Sir” to the instructors.  The goal is for the student to learn proper respect in the dojo, so it will translate into their lives outside of the dojo.     


Most exercises/routines learned at RSKA work to increase the student’s ability to focus both inside and outside of the dojo.  The student is constantly challenged both mentally and physically helping to develop this skill.  It is also very common to see your child’s grades improve as their ability to focus increases.  


A natural byproduct of training in karate/martial arts is increased confidence whether the student is 6 or 36 years old.  As a student rises through the belt ranks his/her confidence will increase accordingly.


Self-discipline, or self-control, really starts to develop after some time training in the martial arts.  This will naturally begin to spill out into the student’s everyday life.  Whether it’s better dietary habits, work out habits, or home work habits students of all ages begin to realize this benefit after undertaking study of the martial arts.


215-900-8771 |

11 Marchwood Rd, Exton, PA 19341, USA


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